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The Top 10 Spartan Travel Adventures of 2012


It’s amazing what’s possible when you free up your time and the need to be in a single location.

My wildest dreams couldn’t have predicted the outcome of 2012. The original plan (launched in August 2011) was 15-18 months of travel, circling the globe while mixing in a bunch of adventure sports.

What actually happened was a frantic potpourri of world travel, randomly divergent adventures, and moderately successful online business shenanigans.

The adventure starts when everything goes wrong. -Yvon Chouinard

While the plan itself was fluid, the framework certainly wasn’t: back in 2011 I deliberately opened up my time (and bank account) to make these adventures possible. It turned out that everything was easier and less expensive than I thought it would be, and I’ve repeatedly tried to convince my friends that they too–if they choose–can do something like this.

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Wicked Shark Sighting at Waddell Creek n. Santa Cruz

Glad I decided not to surf today…


This warning comes from a March 2012 seal attack, but the pics below are from earlier this month.

A friend of a friend snapped these pics at Waddell / Scott’s Creek near Santa Cruz, California sometime in the last few weeks.

All three shark pics came off a friend’s iPhone:

Yep, That's a Shark

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