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This page discusses the use of affiliate links on the site. You’ll notice that some links to products or services may be tagged with affiliate link tracking. The purpose of affiliate links is to provide a small amount of compensation to SpartanTraveler for the recommendation of that product or service. They are very simply a type of advertising that many sites use to produce (an often very small) amount of revenue.

The way I view these links is simple: this site is a passion project, but like anything else it would be great if it was self-sustaining, at least enough to cover the basic costs of domains, hosting, writing, editing, and so on.

Here is my ultimate affiliate disclaimer: I will never recommend or link to products or services that I either a) don’t use myself or b) don’t actually recommend but want to profit from anyway. I’m not that guy.

Secondly, there is no obligation to purchase any item or use any service, and you certainly don’t have to use the affiliate link to do so. If affiliate links piss you off, I understand. Just google the product name and navigate there affiliate-tracking free. Please note that most of the links on the site are not affiliate links, I just want to make sure I’m covering the bases here.

Third, I have no direct affiliation with any product or service listed here, and if I ever do I’ll be sure to mention it.

Thanks a lot for reading. Feedback? Email me: spartantraveler [at] gmail [dot] com.